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ZIGZAGZINE: Everything in the world of space and time is process?
What would be its basic structure? Is it applicable in every field, from science to industry and (un)conscious behaviour?
- looking at human life as a process of learning and growing;
- recognizing individual differences between people;
- studying the structure of ancient astronomy;
- thinking out the consequences of a personal philosophy of life - or the lack of it - for our development;
- considering the implications of recent discoveries in physics.
Patterns, structure and stories: "How things evolve!"


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Rini Sips. 12 September 1999-2014.      

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English language:
Dit is een persoonlijke zoek-
tocht die dan ook niet recht
op zijn doel afgaat
Het doel is de elementaire
structuur te ontdekken en hoe
gedrag, waarden, ratio, emotie
persoonlijk zijn gedetermineerd
Tot nu toe zijn langsgekomen:
individuele ruimte en tijd
proces, ver- & ontwikkeling
samenwerkingsovereenkomst dynamiek, contexten...
patroon, verhaal, thema
filosofie, moderne fysica
kosmo-, neurologie, cultuur...

Zigzagt U mee?

This is a personal search
so it does not go
straight on to its aim
The aim is to discover the elementary structure, and how
action, values, ratio, emotion
are determined personally
Covered so far:
individual space and time
process, en- & development
cooperation agreement
dynamics, contexts...
pattern, story, theme
philosophy, modern physics
cosmo-, neurology, culture...

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