Pattern of beginning #6, 'First I analyse in detail, now what is this exactly?'


Pattern of beginning Virgo: 'First I analyse: now what is this exactly?'

Starting in a VIRGO manner, what is that like? I must from the very beginning handle my own inner time, follow my own inner route, make myself useful, make clear what I am missing now. So I am engaged, already from the start, completely purposeful. I know, from the very beginning, that I must get to know all details, that I will have to have details at my disposal for my work. The starting point of Virgo is: my modest capabilities suffice for what I have to do in the world and that is to find my own solutions (and, if possible, get recognition for that)!

The sixth phase, the Virgo-phase, is the last of the series of six personal phases. The sixth is the most complicated of them, the analysis. I look at the work and ask myself a number of questions of which I name a few: 'Does this work?', 'Is this my work?', 'What am I doing now?', 'Am I able to cope with this work?', 'Is it right for me if I do this work?', 'For whom am I doing this work?', 'Do I allow others to do my work?' In case the result of any of my efforts is negative, if things apparently do not work out, there might be in fact a shortage, a need, a defect, an illness perhaps, and help may be needed. When I have reached the limit of my possibilities, when help is necessary I have to answer the question: 'Which supplement do I need now?' The answer can differ from nails and a hammer, a partner or another job, to medical help, a friendly talk or a book with the right information.
So I am focussed towards accomplishment, directed at the actual execution - now, seizing the opportunity when I see it, translating potencies in possibilities. Both truly realising my possibilities and humbly admitting my limitations. But furthermore I have, beginning in the Virgo manner, in the sixth phase with the AQUARIUS colouring the society as my area of work. I need the aid and the resistance of others, don't I? Later on, I need others to pass me the leading thread in the mountain of detail I have gathered. I depend on others to hand me the problem that I am going to solve.
Nota Bene: in the limited ten parts social space it was obvious that both last two of the three mental capacities of the individual, the natural own choices and the planning, could not openly and not generally be applied, whereas it is self-evident in a world of twelve parts based on equivalence.

Since I want to make my present time, my now, independently, since I have appropriated my will and inwardly distance myself from my will: I judge, I discover the present as the time of my own actual certainties. I look for perfection in the detail. This leads to competence. My skill lies in trusting my own strong points and realistically assessing my limitations. It really is about working at and with those strong points.

How did this come about? Where does this proceed from? My purpose is to try out where I stand, to sum up what I am worth, what I can do, to what use I can be. My function, as it will show itself once my task is perfected, lies written down in the 12th phase in LEO. My values lie in the 2nd phase in LIBRA. In between these I begin with the detail, the handicraft, my proficiencies. I start VIRGO-like in my approach to the world. That manner can be described as
"From a detail I can (re)construct the complete thing. I love to analyse things from the beginning, to put them in order. I have the right first to know all details. I always begin being of service, with serving coffee. I always choose little things to begin with. I like to start with purity,
on condition that my second stipulation can also be fulfilled, that harmony and worthwhile alternatives can arise
so that I can proceed to the next phase.

The outline at the bottom of this page contains more details of this pattern.

As usual I describe briefly after this a few examples of people who used this pattern as their pattern of beginning. I imagine I would ask
  • Charlotte Brontë, author of the novel 'Jane Eyre', which motives drove her as a writer?
    'I am anyhow interested in what values people have. And what drives me? I experience it as a curse to have been born as a girl. I take it that I have to do something about the situation of women, bring conditions into the open, write about them'.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, what reasons he has - except of course to make a living - to write operas?
    'Many reasons. I am a person who needs clarity about society, I want to know in detail what goes on between people and what moves people. I think that it is precisely the restrictions in their character which make people so human. And another thing, looking at my mother, my sister Nannerl, my wife Constanze Weber, I notice that women have hardly any chance socially to use their capacities to the full. An opera is a playful means for holding up a mirror to people in a loving manner. Those other people are surely individuals, with feelings just like me, aren't they?'
  • William Shakespeare, how he looks at his environment?
    'For me it is very important to see how people act when engaged in something, how they work, to know their tools and the materials they use. I want to hear how they express themselves, experience how they mix with one another, how they dress, what values run through their heads. I am interested in materials for a form which is useful in two directions. I want to secure myself, through my work, of a financially independent old age and I want to use the little facts which I notice in the world around me to amuse and to catch the theatre goer by offering them different perspectives'.

I hesitated whether I would choose Henry VIII, King of England. It would have been interesting to see how he handled details and factual knowledge, which he would certainly have needed. But I have doubts about his time of birth and so my cherished memories of performances and readings of Shakespeare's work were decisive.


the VIRGO pattern applied individually

Charlotte Brontë, 1816-1855.
Thornton, 21st April 1816, 14:41u GMT. [ source ]
Like two of her sisters she wanted to be a writer. The best known novel she wrote was Jane Eyre.

As soon as she opened up for something she considered that a matter of the eighth phase. From there she moved toward the 10th phase, after which she continued moving back and forth between the 8th and the 10th phase. This part of the movements between phases corresponds with that of William Shakespeare, described hereafter.

fig.1: Charlotte Brontë
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Brief description

Information from the birthchart

  1. Charlotte started working at little things, noticing concrete experiences with people and relating that experience,
  2. by thinking about choices others have, to their expectations, what would be of interest, what would touch or move them;
  3. she decided that she seriously wanted to devote her strength, her suggestive and pictorial language, and experience to defend social values;
  4. and continued again and again reflecting and further expanding her inside knowledge.

The separate movement includes her own work, gathering knowledge, the help, the own home and background, her own conditions - and going back for new supply.
All functions are, independent of the movements, related via aspects.

  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of VIRGO;
  2. from the 1st phase, via MERCURY secondary, towards the 8th phase;
  3. from the 8th phase in ARIES, via MARS, toward the 10th phase;
  4. and from the 10th phase in GEMINI, via Mercury secondary, back to the 8the phase.

The remaining functions which are located in the phases 6, 3, 7, 4 and 2, form together a movement which is detached from the one described above.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791.
Salzburg, 27th January 1756, 20:00 Pl.T. [ source ]
Famous Austrian composer of seven grand operas, for example Figaro's Hochzeit and Don Giovanni, and many other works of music. It is said that he was one of the first independent composers in history.

Mozart moved, within his Virgo pattern of beginning, as a matter of course, towards the fifth phase. There in his case the first movement stopped.

fig.2: W.A. Mozart
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Brief description

Information from the birthchart

  1. Mozart started with noticing trifles in concrete experiences with people and related that perception
  2. with his real self and his curiosity about people, about society, about their essence, the differences and relations between them.
    His playful thinking, that which he really wanted, and the form that he wanted it to have socially are one, and only he knew how to play his own game.
    The movement ends in an urge for perfection.

This one-step movement is characterised by extraordinary openness and directness. 'Just take me as I am, I do what I can and not otherwise.'

To the heart of his playing-with-structure and path-breaking nature this movement added the emotional strength and the iron energy which he, with his lively character, needed in order to assert himself in social life and to receive recognition. 

Unlike the aspect connections between the functions which in Mozart's case form a coherent unity, the pattern of references between the phases consists in his case of two groups. One could say that, parallel to that playful first reaction, which was directed at him as an individual, a different processing took place which was emotionally and musically driven.

  1. at home his mother and later his wife Constanze radiated, presenting him with a solid a-sentimental, stimulating basis. He understood that both experienced a reality of social restraint. His interest in intellectual and social freedom
  2. made him reach idealistically for harmonious values, hoping that all people could live together in peace;
  3. His longing for interaction led him to subtle work with room to express his refined artistry;
  4. in order to carry through new ideas he needed the help and co-operation of people intuitively attuned to him;
  5. he showed himself, his transparency and trust in humanity, through the music
  6. of an emotional and affectionate human being.
  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of VIRGO;
  2. from the 1st phase, via MERCURY primary, towards the  5th phase;
    Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun and this in turn is in conjunction with SATURN, all of them in AQUARIUS, all of them in the 5th phase in CAPRICORN.
    So with Saturn this movement ends.

The 10th phase in GEMINI, with MARS in CANCER, leads via Mercury primary powerful impulses towards the 5th phase.

The movement, detached from the former, which comprises all remaining functions, is circular. It can start at any of the phases concerned, but I prefer the source, the fourth phase:




  1. the Moon, and PLUTO which she runs up against, are located in the 4th phase in the sign of SAGITTARIUS;
  2. from there, via JUPITER, towards the 2nd phase in LIBRA;
  3. and, via VENUS primary, towards the 6th phase in Aquarius;
  4. subsequently, via URANUS, towards the 7th phase in PISCES;
  5. and, via NEPTUNE in LEO, towards the 11th phase in CANCER;
  6. which, via the Moon in the 4th phase, closes the circle.
William Shakespeare, 1564-1616.
Stratford-upon-Avon, 23rd April 1564, 13u23 LT. [ source ]
English actor and playwright. Author of Richard III, King Lear, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, All's Well, A Midsummernight's Dream and many other famous plays and sonnets.

About Shakespeare's life a number of hard facts are known, but there have not been any letters, notes or rough-copies of his work preserved and no direct references in documents. On the basis of many traces however a great deal has been written about his life [ note ]. The date and time of birth have been reconstructed on the basis of indistinct information but has widely been accepted. I am curious whether the information it gives does agree with my impression of the person from his works.

As soon as he opened up he considered that as a matter of the eighth phase. From there he moved towards the 10th phase, after which he continued moving back and forth between the 8th and the 10th phase. This part of the movements between phases corresponds with that of Charlotte Brontë, described above.

fig.3: William Shakespeare
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Brief description

Information from the birthchart

  1. Will started working at little things, noticing concrete experiences with people and relating those perceptions or observations to,
  2. the choices people must have made to act as they did, and reflect on their expectations, on what they would enjoy, what would touch his public, how his text & acting would come across;
  3. he decided that he seriously wanted to devote both his strengths, his suggestive and pictorial language and his broad experience, to the purpose of expanding his financial security;
  4. over and over he kept reflecting and further expanding his thorough knowledge.

The support function worked independently, while the five remaining functions are all connected with the first movement: they add from his work, from religion and reflection, from his youth, social experiences together with his own values.

  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of VIRGO;
  2. from the 1st phase, via MERCURY secondary, towards the 8th phase;

  3. from the 8th phase in ARIES, via MARS in CANCER,   towards the 10th phase;
  4. and from the 10th phase in GEMINI, via Mercury secondary, back to the 8th phase.

This movement between phases is supported by five other functions from the phases 6 and 9, and 4, 11, 2. Only URANUS in SAGITTARIUS in the 3rd phase remains detached from all this.


More examples

Many well-known and interesting people use(d) the Virgo pattern of beginning [ sources ] and I found it difficult to make my choice. I list a large number of names, ordered in sequence of the phase and the sign in which Mercury, to which the sign of Virgo refers, is located:

  1. in Virgo: Prince Albert of England, Arnold Schönberg, Lyndon B. Johnson,
    in Libra: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jean-Louis Barrault, Aristoteles Onassis, Silvio Berlusconi,
  2. in Libra: Caesare Borgia, Johann Strauss Jr., Agatha Christie, Farah Diba,
    and Stephen Hawking until the change at 25/26 December 1962 into Scorpio,
    in Scorpio: Helen Hayes, Walt Disney, Edward Schillebeeckx, Oscar Wilde?,
  3. in Scorpio: Oscar Wilde?, Edward VI of England, Heinrich Lübke, Elke Sommer,
    in Sagittarius: Christina of Sweden, Rainer Maria Rilke, Lev Davidovitsj Trotski, Willem van Otterloo, Olivier Messiaen, Albert Camus, Jan Terlouw,
  4. in Sagittarius: Carl Friedrich Benz, George Pierre Seurat, Francisco Franco, Aaron Copland, Helmut Schmidt,
    in Capricorn: Pablo Casals, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Marlene Dietrich, Mary Dresselhuis, Richard M. Nixon, Françoise Hardy,
  5. in Capricorn: Jean Sibelius, Federico Fellini, Eldrick T. (Tiger) Woods,
    in Aquarius: Wolfgang A. Mozart, Jean Harlow, Placido Domingo,
  6. in Aquarius: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Philip Melanchton, Antonio Vivaldi, Frédéric Chopin, Eartha Kitt,
    in Pisces: Nicolaus Copernicus, Pierre Ch. Baudelaire, Anton Geesink,
  7. in Pisces: ...
    in Aries: Maximiliaan I of Austria, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Vincent d´Indy, Karel Appel, Pierre Boulez, Hugh Hefner, Shirley MacLaine, Pieter van Vollenhove,
  8. in Aries: Charlotte Brontë, William Shakespeare, Brooke Shields,
    in Taurus: Bernard Zweers, Pieter Menten,
  9. in Taurus: Gustav Stresemann, George Bush Sr.,
    in Gemini: Gustav II of Sweden, Nicholas II Alexandrovitsj, Georges Duhamel, Herman Krebbers, Christine Jorgensen,
  10. in Gemini: Eddy Merckx, Eduard v. Woodstock, Françoise Sagan,
    in Cancer: Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Arthur J. Balfour, Igor F. Strawinsky, Ye Wykstra, Simon Vinkenoog, Martha Argerich,
  11. in Cancer: Thomas Mann, Amedeo Modigliani, Manitas de Plata,
    in Leo: Henry VIII of England, George IV of England, Guy de Maupassant, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Bill Clinton,
  12. in Leo: Max Liebermann, Georges Enesco, Ernest Hemingway,
    in Virgo: Emperor Augustus, Louis XVI of France, Madonna.

In the northern hemisphere the sign of Virgo stays on the horizon for a long time every day. We may therefore expect that the statistic average in this case will be surpassed amply. So theoretically and roughly estimated close to 12 percent of the population of the world could have a chance to have the Ascendant in Virgo.

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individual space-time thanks to a unique system of co-ordinates - structure #9/3,
events oriented and connected in space and time - structure #13/4.


- outline - of the exploring-time-in-de-inner-world pattern of beginning

  1. VIRGO From a detail I can reconstruct the whole. I love to analyse things from the start, to order them in rows. I have the right to first know all details. I always start with offering help, serving coffee. I always select little things to start with. I like to begin with purity,
    on the understanding that also my second condition of harmony can be fulfilled, that alternatives can proceed from it.
  2. LIBRA My possessions and other matters of value I deal with in a balanced manner. I like to keep open a second way and therefore, when it is a matter of money, I like to have reserves. I form my frame of references on the basis of alternatives. I weigh everything before including it in my frame of references.
    On this condition that it leads to a practical, serviceable frame. At the end I want to enjoy it.
  3. SCORPIO I savour knowledge. I perceive my acquaintances rather uncoloured. I do not hesitate when it concerns brief contacts, when going my own way I am targeted and practical. I want to take the shortest route. The best way to obtain knowledge is the short way.
    The knowledge I acquire must finally be credible, must lead to an end.
  4. SAGITTARIUS My security lies in an optimistic, ideal environment. My home is ideal. My ideal is safety, I find it at home, in my project. My attempts have an idealistic end. I act in a grand manner,
    but finally it must be feasible. In the end I need securities.
  5. CAPRICORN  I myself am a self-contained person, I am very well capable to be independent, I can keep myself in order very well and I like to be my own boss. My inner self is formal, reserved, cautious. I have the right to trust nobody but myself.
    My final condition here is that equivalence is possible.
  6. AQUARIUS My work lies in a social area. I have unique work, I work in an extraordinary manner. I have the right to work without pressure and come to a synthesis. I work to reduce tension. I analyse in a path-breaking area, working for the future.
    2nd condition is that I have to let it go, that I can solve it.
  7. PISCES I  like to work together with somebody who can let things take their course, who can regulate from chaos. I myself don't like much chaos at the start, but can cooperate with a person who says: hand me that lot, I'll clear that away, I'll order that. Ordering of chaos or handing over problems I like to leave that to other people, in the mean time I can do my work.
    Finally I am obliging and leave the initiative to the other. But the other must have given me full play to create order.
  8. ARIES I am an epicurean when it comes to new things, I make variations in a practical, energetic manner. My partner's frame of references bursts with energy, is full of initiatives. That brings me to making my own choices.
    At the end I need to quietly give close attention to everything before I choose and then I can no longer be stopped.
  9. TAURUS I take my time to turn the matter over in my mind of whether this idea suits me. If it does then I'll persevere to the end, provided that also the 2nd condition is satisfied that ...
    it leads to communication, that my knowledge grows. My ultimate object is to relate things and put them in perspective.
  10. GEMINI I am self-assured whenever I communicate, when I teach, when I am doing business. I like to talk about social matters. In the other's project I take charge of communications. I communicate about the projects of others, about their certainties and uncertainties.
    Guaranteed should be that it is tangible, that there is real involvement.
  11. CANCER My partner's self-confidence is based upon subjectivity, in essence my friends are emotional. I select my friends, and they select me in an instinctive manner. They have to be caring and tender.
    In the end I really want to choose my friends myself, I myself must accept them. My friends are loyal and we further each other's self-confidence.
  12. LEO When I must let things go I do so independently, I need no help, I prefer to do that by myself, like finding solutions. I like to find my own Leo solutions. I start with an analysis, in order to have found my solution by the time I reach the 12th phase. Then I am satisfied. I like to cooperate, but with someone who can give me full play to do my thing. I started with the details in order to attain a view of the whole. I know that when every piece of the puzzle lies in its place you get the total picture. That is my method. Only then can I loosen my grip when I know where the whole thing is heading.