The day in Rastenberg: 20-6-1944
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This is the original work, the place was Rastenburg in 'East Prussia':
two mistakes - the date and Polish time, not CET (central european time)

 Some steps in the shifting areas of activity of the actual integrate function NEPTUNE in the course of the day, in a right angle with the SUN which represents the host and is covered by the MOON, VENUS (secondary) and SATURN:

1. Hitler at a work meeting, its start is disorderly with Neptune in the 1st phase
12. in the safety of sick-bay; Neptune has - due to the movement of the Ascendant - slipped into the secrecy of the 12th phase, for care and rest
11. Mussolini is expected around tea-time, N. has gone to th 11th phase of affirmation from the group, in the 8th phase the Moon has in the meantime passed Venus
10. 'I have to finish my mandate', N. has proceeded towards the 10th phase of organising one's intended goal, within the constellation in 7th phase the Moon has in the meantime passed the Sun
9. organising revenge, N. has proceeded towards the 9th phase of the suppletion and expansion of one's own story, in 6th phase the Moon has also passed Saturn
6. broadcast speech 'I shall settle accounts', N. has moved forward to 6th phase realising one's own task, in 3rd phase Venus and the Sun have begun to speak, in the 4th phase the Moon and Saturn are found to be preparing to join in.