Survey of the images of series 3b (the Ascendant and its phases)
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Analysis: the development of the Ascendant which follows the Libra-pattern
and the accumulation of troublesome conjuncts

The general situation of a process is determined by the emotional basis, she is therefore the first factor we should take a look at:

  1. the character of the MOON, the (in)stability function, is at the mercy of the exuberant expansion function Jupiter and reticent, they both start from a (especially for the Moon) difficult position in the reserved and formal sign of Capricorn in the, by nature, inconstant 3rd phase (of the Ascendant) in the expansive & idealistic sign of Sagittarius (I imagine A.H. could laugh at many things but certainly never heartily at himself):
    excessively cautious of emotional bonding- the couple of anxiety;

    from the unstable constitution of his basis he handles in an egocentric, amoral, destructive and negative, therefore in an absolutely one-sided manner, dualities like power(lesness), (dis)integration, leadership - docility, autonomy - dependency, kindness - cruelty, choosing the most advantageous extremity without taking into consideration the interest of the other party, the loser, the victim or the prey;

    therefore the descriptions of pertaining relations must in this case be negative;

  2. the relation of the Moon with Jupiter ends in the 7th phase (of the Ascendant);

  3. from the 2nd phase till the begining of the last phase of the process of development of the Ascendant the Moon, the emotional basis, is in an outgoing inconjunct relation with Saturn, the function of responsibility; the first, the function of inner space, uses the colouring of Capricorn in the 3rd phase in the sign of Sagittarius and the second, the function of inner time, is located in the sign of Leo in the 10th phase with the Cancer colouring;

  4. Saturn will, in this unstable situation, need to find help elsewhere: he is in an approaching all or nothing right angle relation with the couple of revenge (see the development of the Moon);

  5. the retrograde interaction function Venus (primary) and Mars, the activate + initiate function, are united in the (difficult for Mars) super-steady Taurus in the 7th phase in the easily agressive sign of Mars, Aries:
    *the retrospect Revenger and Fighter which tenaciously and forcefully point out the culprits*- the couple of revenge;

  6. the surprise-loving Uranus in the sign of Libra in the 12th phase has only one relation, an outgoing inconjunct with the couple of revenge;

  7. the Ascendant, the relation with the outside world, is not in relation with any of the functions mentioned thus far; only at the very end, when the Moon (which in the course of this day advances well over 13 degrees) forms a right angle relation with Mercury, part of the couple of suggestion, then there is contact with this group of functions;

    Adolf Hitler has a charming mask at his disposal: he begins obligingly, ready to cooperate, observing and encapsulating the other, after which the perfidious commander which mesmerises, corrupts and misuses people comes out;

    in the course of time the Ascendant comes during each phase, and always in a different angle, just briefly in contact with every function - in the order:

    the Sun (and Mercury),
    Neptune and Pluto,
    the Medium Coeli,
    Moon and Jupiter,
    Mars and Venus,
    Mercury and the Sun,
    the Ascendant itself;

  8. from the start to the end the Ascendant is in opposition with Mercury (secondary) the synthesize function, located in Aries in the 6th phase in Pisces united with the self-control function Sun, located in Taurus in the 7th phase in Aries (until the 10th phase when Mercury enters the 7th phase to join the Sun):
    *the tenaciously strong-willed Leader enforcing help by use of simple hypnotic bragging*- the couple of suggestion;

  9. and at the same time in an inconjunct relation with the (dis)integrate function Neptune united with the remove function Pluto, both located in Gemini, in the 8th phase in Taurus, where the first is approaching Pluto and intuition must yield to power:
    *the maniacal Dreamer either encapsulated or rejected by the mighty Manipulator, together ambivalent and tenacious*- the couple of delusion.

This network of the charming or perfidious Ascendant in Libra in opposition with the couple of suggestion and both inconjunct or halfsext with the couple of delusion, everything upon a problematically instable basis, the couple of anxiety, provides the image of the hunter of prey, of a person who attracts other people, uses and sucks them dry from the need to hold one's ground and prove oneself;

  An impression of the cyclic movement of Adolf Hitler's process through its phases, with
the progressing actual world's Neptune, the integrate function,
and its changing influences upon the development of AH's qualities.
phase 1
1. My start is charming: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of delusion* cheer 'There is my little man with a frightful leader in him!' and I learn to lay the blame on others and make them solve my needs;
phase 2
2. my needs plus fears are intense and coercive: the *couple of delusion* is handling the others and the *couple of suggestion* works with vigour;
phase 3
3. my speech is convincing: the *couple of suggestion* dictates more and more creatively and the *couple of delusion* is working hard;
phase 4
4. my (in)stability develops and organises coolly: the *couple of suggestion* relaxes actively and the *couple of delusion* is particularly creative;
phase 5
5 I am creatively directed at renewal of society: the *couple of suggestion* comes to grips with the environment, becomes strong and the *couple of delusion* relaxes steadily;
phase 6
6. I work at casting a spell on people: the *couple of suggestion* is of great value, strong and the *couple of delusion* has a thorough grip on the environment;
phase 7
7. I demand of you a greater effort: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of revenge* forcefully make an opening for the prevalent resentment and the *couple of delusion* supplies lasting values;
phase 8
8. I want the power to offer certainties: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of revenge* forcefully lead the work of the people and the *couple of delusion* develops persistent initiatives;
phase 9
9. we have our ideology and go our own way: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of revenge* lead the nation with power and the *couple of delusion* employs the people;
phase 10
10. we have a policy that offers security: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of revenge* organise a perfect war industry and the *couple of delusion* unites the nation;
phase 11
11. we are the nation of Leaders: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of revenge* propagate the story of expansion with energy and the *couple of delusion* designs the need of certainty;
phase 12
12. we will realise the dream: the *couple of suggestion* and the *couple of revenge* take what they want and destroy the inconvenient and the *couple of delusion* propagates the colonisation story with conviction;
the end or a new cycle of this process
on balance - the end is reached. For fear of humiliation, of being held responsible, of punishment and pain...

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