Survey of the images of series 3c (the Moon)
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Analysis: a vulnerable MOON which develops following the Capricorn-pattern,
successively in relation with other troublesome conjuncts
  The emotional stability function, the MOON, through its 12 phases of development:

phase 1
1. My initial constitution is very cautious, the Moon connected with Jupiter in the ºcouple of anxietyº (see above), and with the *couple of delusion* aimed at getting a grip on others and making them accomplices;
phase 2
2. my values are directed at the people around me: the Moon is now not only connected with the *couple of delusion* and the MC, but also with the strategist who wants to lead others;
phase 3
3. my brains distinguish between two groups of people: the usables and the scapegoats;
phase 4
4. my home has a masculine character: meanwhile it is not only connected with the strategist who plays his own game, but also with the sentimental *couple of revenge*;
phase 5
5. I am essentially aimed at certainty: the *couple of revenge* and the *couple of delusion* must provide the strategist who promises security;
phase 6
6. I work at my useful product via communication: with that and with the *couple of revenge* and the *couple of delusion* in the background, the Moon tries to get a grip on her environment and challenge it via the strategist;
phase 7
7. I demand the help of a bond: while detached from Jupiter ºthe former couple of anxietyº the Moon is still directed at getting a grip on others and making them accomplices, with the *couple of revenge* she makes plans that shall lead to happiness;
phase 8
8. I choose the show of creativity: in view of the *couple of revenge* we will follow this strategy;
phase 9
9. our ideology is simple and trustworthy: the *couple of revenge* is central, whilst leading the new order is now also coupled with surprises;
phase 10
10. our policy is charming: the leading new order develops, together with the *couple of revenge*, its strategy of tactical surprises;
phase 11
11. our social motivation is overwhelming: the *couple of revenge* resentfully helps in the social-democratic field, the strategist claims his ideology and the surpriser is now spreading his charms out of the chaos;
phase 12
12. our final goal is uncommittedly expansive: the *couple of revenge*, the strategist of denunciation and the diverter of social bounds proceed;
the end
the empty unstable basis is nearing death: nobody can help me now, I have to put an end to it with the help of the *couple of suggestion* in order to save myself.

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