ZIGZAGZINE #33, structure #10: Complex network 3: development and limits of processes in co-ordinated interaction


Development in time, differences in standpoint, in rhythm, scale and duration

Trying to understand the structure and the workings of processes - how they can do what they do - I come back again to the time, but now to the progress and the development of processes in the course of time. Up till now my work with time has been limited to the description and illustration of place, time and movement from a standpoint on the world, like in parts three and four of this structure line. In the last part I went further into the matter of the relation between a process and the larger processes of which it forms a part, as every human and thing on earth takes part in and is in interaction with varying contexts within the time system that we call our solar system.
This time I want to go deeper into the distinction between the unique viewpoints of processes with their autonomous character and in their own relation with the actuality of the environment. I want to get a clearer view of the mutual relations between processes which are by definition different, with the question of how the points of contact work out in an actual process of interaction and what information that can offer about the limits of all those different single processes involved.
I continue from the earlier parts of this line mentioned underneath and start once again from illustrations and animations. I begin with a familiar manner of orientation, with a look at the horizon, from the moving earth we see the ongoing time of our co-ordinating environment's space.

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structure #9/3 illustrations of space, time, relativity,
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1. The own time and properties of processes: the standpoint of a process

The development of the nature of the human process takes place in interaction with contexts, in dependence on the actual experiences on offer. Development always happens: we cannot escape that, 'The essence must come out' as Hegel would have said.
The development of the human being comes about in time. From the process that I am, I see the environment moving around me, I experience time. I gauge that time from light and dark, on the movements of the earth as part of our solar system that, as a process, in turn is determined in its development by our galaxy and its stars and other grouped parts, and so as well deeper into space.

Living upon the partner of the earth, on the Moon, a 'day' would last 27 and 1/3 part of a day on earth, with a life rhythm of more than thirteen days of darkness and cold and on average as many days of sunlight and warmth.

Time and movement cannot be uncoupled.

1a. A planetarium, the sky all around, at 51º North latitude

The movement reproduced below, the rotation of the earth, is regular in time: every hour the MC proceeds the same number of 15 degrees. The movement of the Medium Coeli is such that it, at the beginning of the next day, has advanced one degree of the circle.

This mechanism allows for a year of 365 days and a completion every so many years with an extra day. Here we state also an important difference, an opening in time between the process structure which is a standard of 360 degrees and a day which must cover a little more than 360 degrees in order to follow the Sun.

In this way the Midheaven follows the Sun's gradual progress through the zodiac as we observe it on earth and experience it in the seasons.


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Planetarium: Greenwich, March 21 1952. Source: Astroview.exe (c) Bill Collins, 1985.


1b. The advance of the horizon through the zodiac

The advancement of the Ascendant through the signs of the zodiac is unequal. It coheres with the degree of latitude of the standpoint, as has been discussed and illustrated earlier in the parts 3 and 4 of this line, it is determined by both the time and the place on the globe. This means that in keeping with the place where we are, the pattern of beginning of events and their rhythm in the course of the day constantly and gradually changes in character.

In the tropics the differences in tempo are smaller, above the polar circles extremely unequal, as compared to the situation on the latitude of Greenwich.

Every day the time schedule moves over a bit. This also contributes to the fact that each process can have its own chronology.



Figure 1b. shows the planets in their twelve signs.

The differences in time are to be found on the separate page (or a new window?).


1c. Actuality in interaction with a process in development

All parts of our solar system are - as I established earlier and I repeat it - processes which develop individually by interaction (by exchange of energy) between each other and with the earth and with the major and small processes within the galaxy. Everything is process.

The 'lifespan' at the level of our solar system within its context (the galaxy) is, as compared to that of human beings on earth, enormous. All of these processes develop according to their individual character in different tempi and rhythms. The functions of this type of process, for example the planet Pluto and the other parts of the Kuiper belt within the framework of the solar system, develop in interaction (e.g. moving) with the other parts of the system. This goes very slowly in a for us undiscernible speed. This holds for all elements of the system, they are all involved by the interactions within their system.
The 'lifespan' of human processes and the functions of human processes on earth are of a smaller scale and are derivatives of the functions of the earth as a whole and of her movement within our solar system.


Animation of the progress of a planet through the signs of the zodiac with the aspects it, from its consecutive positions, makes with the different functions of a human process: Adolf Hitler's years of youth from 1889 to 1901 and his situation in 1916-'18, 1930-'31, 1944-'45 and 1945.

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Because of the differences in length of the orbit of the planets they each need more or less time to cover a certain part of their trajectory. Therefore, Neptune, the slowest planet but one, needs more than 12 years to cover the first 30 degrees, the sign of Gemini, whereas the Moon covers that part of the circle in two and a half days. We can see not only that the influence of a celestial body in the course of time moves to other functions and networks of functions, but also that the angle of those interactions changes - and with that their character.

2. Can time and environments determine the collaboration of processes?

A process is the gradual development of a coherent unity due to interactions of its parts (its potentialities) mutually and on account of interactions with its actual environment. The potentialities determine the individual character that has been put at the disposal of the system. The development of potentialities runs in phases. They develop into strong, positive, weak or negative properties by either attracting strengthening and destructive experiences in the actual environment or get them offered, and subsequently use and digest them in the course of time.
We can differentiate between two types of interaction:
- the type of the direct interaction (the essence, the heart, the unique core, the individual character): the interactions between individual processes,
- the type of the general interaction (the group, the spirit of the time): the interaction with a context or the environment in a wider sense.
Now I want to look at the factor which co-ordinates the different time scales: general interaction with the actuality. We look from the outside standpoint at a certain human process, some moments in the development of its own strengths, and at the forces available in the environment which play a role in its development. We will see how the process goes through its own experiences in course of time, collects them and develops its own history and in the actual now, in the variable actual environment, is engaged on its future and the realisation of its task.

2a. The perception of a person and the perception of an assembly

Two time systems get together in one point: the given aims of Adolf Hitler work together with those of the assembly of the Reichstag for the approbation of the conferment of full powers upon Hitler, for the appointment of a Chancellor of the Empire and for the proclamation of the Third Reich. I do not know the sequence of their agenda, I presume that Hitler delivered a speech at the beginning or at the end (or both). The chart with the astronomical data of the proclamation of the new German state is at the same time the chart of the energies which Hitler there at that time undergoes.

Points of contact between Adolf Hitler and the Third Empire

The aim of Germany's Third Reich is in this meeting - this NOW - in interaction with a purpose from the past: the plans of Hitler are going to be embraced with enthusiasm by the democratically elected representatives of the people. (It is rather doubtful that they still represented the German people as a whole because the political adversaries of the nazis were placed outside the law beforehand.) In the picture of the relations between the two, that predominantly positive reception - and some interesting gaps - is expressed.

On 24-3-1933 the time was ripe for Hitler's delusions (the Reichstag endorsed his dictatorial powers), while on 22-11-1942 at ±7h PMT, when the investment of the sixth army under general von Paulus at Stalingrad was a fact, the tide began to turn as he refused to bow to reality, stuck to his eroneous ideas and stuck to his deep need to revenge himself on the army command [ note ].

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the chart of Adolf Hitler (open in new window?),
the origin of the Thirde Reich (open in new window?).


2b. The interaction of two individuals: an actual occasion

Some members of the army command plotted in 1944 an attempt on Hitler's life. Klaus Schenk von Stauffenberg would carry it out and, when he would be certain of the result, go to the others in Berlin immediately, whereupon the army would take command.

Points of contact between Adolf Hitler, Klaus von Stauffenberg and the moment when the bom exploded
(date, time and details of the attack have been corrected)

2c. Actual context in action: preparations, attack and dynamic / dialectic factors

Thanks to my using the wrong place and time for the animations 2c and 3a, I was given the opportunity (and was forced) to not merely restore them but to also improve the rendering of the charts and to find a structurally fitting basis. Since the study of the structural interrelations between the parts in #36 and #39 I now approach these events differently: starting from the interrelative whole and with the Earth as a fixed background, the changing situation of the environment (the world) as well as the character of humane interrelations at that same moment, can be represented in the pictures more clearly. The different influences on and consequences for the actual development can be compared more effectively, which can be particularly useful for the following two complicated animations.

[see #36, #39 and Survey of the elements]

Some extra information:
This series 2c with 7 steps follows the phases of an actual process - in this case some events in a day in Rastenburg - in which prepations are carried out (apart from the meeting, the activation of the bomb), followed by the placing, a minimal interval in which the bomb was displaced, the detonation of the bomb and the consequences for and reactions of the survivors. [ sources ]
In series 3a
however, the circle follows the regular turning of the earth in 13 equal steps, which are however unequal in duration owing to its inclined position.

The two figures at the right (in this series 2c) show the references from functions in a sign towards its ruling planet (e.g. from Neptune in the sign of Libra referring to Venus primary retrograde in the sign of Leo) and the dynamic or dialectic signs which at that time contain a function and are apparently active.

The two figures on the left-hand side (in this series) show the Moon which moves 12 degrees forward daily, Venus primary which moves 2 degrees backward on this day, Mercury primary which moves 1°41' forward between 20 and 21 July 01h, while the planets further from the Sun move less than one degree daily. In addition, all planets shift backwards through all 12 phases of the Ascendant-Descendant- time axis and the MC/IC-space axis always indicates the north / south situation of the earth.

The 7 well documented moments of this day reveal the physical character of the events as well as the mental influences on and reactions of Hitler and the other people involved. The two central forms of the series of six fundamental structural interrelations of development towards individual destiny offer the choice between the dynamic 'confronting' level or the dialectic 'insight and consulting' level:

-a. from the dynamic pressure + resistance (= propulsion or confrontation or efficiency)
 of signs in three available square- or opposition- relations or interrelations:
 darkgreen hypothetic (proposing, suggesting),
 red antithetic (contrasting, (un)fair, forcing), or
 darkblue synthetic (summing-up, decisive).

-b. from the dialectic thinking (= thesis > opposition > synthesis)
 in signs in four available triangle relations or interrelations:
 magenta physical/emotional environment,
 yellow mental privacy,
 green mental environment,
 blue physical/emotional identity

2c.  developed

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Left: dynamic: a or dialectic: b              Right: reference from sign > planet

DYNAMIC pressure & DIALECTIC dispute, 2 developmental interrelations

1. The preparations for the meeting, the aggressive intention, secret preparation and placing of the bomb, the departure of Von Stauffenberg and the removal of the bomb. The active square- and triangle interrelations):
both a. hypothetic (preparatory) interaction, and antithetic (decisive) interaction,
and b. mental environmental activity and physical environmental activity, Ascendant in the sign Libra.
2. The explosion. The clocks have come to a standstill at the point of explosion and therefore provide the exact time. Confusion (square- and triangle interrelations):
only a. antithetical (agressive) interaction, Ascendant in Schorpio,
and b. mental environmental activity, physical care and mental care.
3. The injured people are taken care of and calmed (square- and triangle interrelations):
only a. antithetic (confronting) interaction, Ascendant the same,
and b. mental environmental activity, confusion, physical care and mental care.
4. The MC comes into the picture, friend Mussolini is expected (triangle- and square interrelations):
first b. physical presence, mental involvement and mental environmental activity,
than a. antithetic (regulating) interaction changing into synthetic interaction, Ascendant still in Schorpio.
5. Considerations and devising of plans, (square- and triangle interrelations):
both a. (provisional) hypothetic action and/or antithetic interaction,
and b. mental weighing, mental planning, physical consequences, Ascendant in Capricorn.
6. The decision is made, Hitler prepares himself for the broadcast. The combination of Ascendant / Descendant axis in Aquarius / Leo and the MC / IC axis in Sagittarius / Gemini is striking. Neptune and Saturn have constantly indicated the opponents (in square- interrelation):
only a. synthetic (considerating) interaction,
and b. mental planning and physical environmental activity.
7. The plenipotentiary Führer's radio speech about order, the future, our purpose (triangle- and square interrelations):
first b. mental planning and physical planning, Ascendant in Gemini,
-- 'I'll settle this!' --
and a. synthetic (conclusive) interaction.


In the following series of animations I would like to take a close look at the phenomena of different interrelations, time scales and of contrary movement, applying them to the process for the phases of life as a whole, to the phases of the development of one property or to a special cycle - a moment.

3. Length of time and time scales: development in properties of a process

The development of a process takes place in series of events and experiences, it proceeds in phases which are subsequently passed through one by one. As we can see in #33 and #36 the six phases of development have their own rhythm, as they are part of and make use of the process' built-in clock.
Above I have used the examples of two far-reaching and reasonably documented occasions which played a role in the life of Hitler. Whereas the Reichstag actually consists of a tremendously large number of events, the number of events around the attack is smaller. Now that the representation in the images (3a) has been adapted and extended, we can lift out the crucial points, get a clear impression of the circumstances and thus get a better insight in the actual occurrences and reactions.
The events do form together the experience, they are stored together with the emotions concerned and the knowledge of the context. The experiences together form the history af a person, and the history of his environment, in this case of a whole nation and its environment.

Let us take a look at Hitler's level of maturity and responsibility.


3a. The dynamic and/or the dialectic character of space and time: a choice!

This series separates the day of the attack in twelve parts, each time when the Ascendant (the horizon) enters a new sign. With that the interrelations with the environments also move which, as a result of the sloping position of the earth, are unequal in duration.
The two central forms, dynamics or dialectics, are the self-evident choices for our question. The information about other factors and influences is supplementary and possibly also clarifying.
Important points of attention are: the Ascendant / Descendant-axis, the Moon - Sun relation, the Medium Coeli / Immum Coeli-axis and the additional information on planets and signs. 

3a.  developed

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Left: dynamic (mutual) influence           Right: dialectic (alternating) physic/mental

The shifts in time: DYNAMIC or DIALECTIC environments which demand action
1. dynamic square, hypothetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st degree Cancer: 1:20h. The Moon, the physical foundation of the central person (in this case Adolf Hitler), is situated (at 24Can36'02") in the 1st phase of beginning, conjunct (circa 2 1/2 deg. "behind") the Sun (at 27Can09'03").
2. dynamic square, hypothetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Leo: 3:55h. The physical presentation/active role of the person, represented by the Sun.
The Moon is situated (at 25Can55'50") in the Neptunic 12th phase of ending, conjunct (1.1/2deg. "behind") the Sun (at 27Can15'13").
3. dynamic square, synthetic dialectic triangle, own physical
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Virgo: 6:51h. The planet Mercury primary, contributer, representative, messenger, ahead of the Sun.
The Moon is situated (at 27Can26'18") in the Uranic 11th phase of social cohesion, conjunct (circa. 0.03gr. "passing") the Sun (at 27Can22'13").
4. dynamic square, hypothetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Libra: 9:47h. Venus primary, the interactive, helpful, ahead of the Sun.
The Moon is situated (at 28Can56'36") in the Saturnic 10th phase of ordering and stability, conjunct (circa 1 1/2deg. "beyond") the Sun (at 27Can29'13').

At 12:21h. the preparation is taking place, v.St. places the bomb and leaves, bomb is moved (2c.1). Moon (at 0Leo15'27"), Sun (at 27Can35'21").

5. dynamic square, antithetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Schorpio at 0Sco56'18" (just beyond the exact square with the Moon): the explosion at 12:42:38h. Pluto presents resistance.
The Moon is situated (at 0Leo26'43" takes part) in Jupiter's 9th phase of expertise and theory, conjunct (circa 3deg. "beyond") the Sun (at 27Can36'14').

A little later, at 13:28h: the wounded are in the sick bay (2c.2 and 3).
Moon (at 0Leo49'44"), Sun (at 27Can38'01").

6. dynamic square, synthetic dialectic triangle, environment physical
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Sagittarius: 15:39h. Jupiter, representing development.
The Moon (at 1Leo56'41") is, together with Jupiter, situated in its 9th phase of expertise and theory, conjunct (circa 4deg. "beyond") the Sun (at 27Can43'14').

At 16:18h. 'Who are the traitors? This is a conspiracy!' (2c.4).
Moon (at 2Leo16'35"), Sun (at 27Can44'47").

7. dynamic square, hypothetic dialectic triangle, own mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Capricorn: 18:11h. Saturn, seeks consistency and integrity.
The Moon (at 3Leeuw14'15"), at the point of passing Venus, is situated in Pluto's 8th phase of taking a standpoint, conjunct (nearly 6deg. "beyond") the Sun (at 27Can49'17').

At 19:07h. Mussolini has arrived around teatime. 'I must continue my task!' (2c.5).
Moon (at 3Leo42'47"), Sun (at 27Can51'30").
8. dynamic square, synthetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Aquarius: 19:50h. Uranus, friendly dialogue (has no contact with Saturn).
The Moon is situated (at 4Leo05'43") in Venus' 7th phase of trust, (largely 6deg. "past") the Sun (at 27Can53'18").
The mutuality between Saturn (personal dependency) and Uranus (social dependency) is not active.
9. dynamic square, synthetic dialectic triangle, own physical
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Pisces: 20:54h. Neptune, suspicions about the culprits?
The Moon is situated (at 4Leo37'18") in Mercury's 6th phase of confusion-clarity, (circa 7deg. distant from the Sun (at 27Can56'46").

At 21:35h 'The treason of Berlin and Paris must be avenged' (2c.6).
Moon (at 4Leo58'10"), Sun (at 27Can57'24").

10. dynamic square, hypothetic dialectic triangle, environment physical
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Aries: 21:40h. The planet Mars, I want to act strongly.
The Moon is situated (at 5Leo00'42") in the Sun's 5th phase of the social function, amply 7deg. distant from the Sun (at 27Can67'38").
11. dynamic square, antithetic dialectic triangle, own mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Taurus: 22:27h. Venus primary, the interactive, friendly.
The Moon is situated (at 5Leo24'37") in her physical self, in the 4th phase (in Leo), circa 7 1/2deg. distant from the Sun (at 27Can59'28").
12. dynamic square, synthetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Gemini: 23:31h. Mercury primary, co-worker, informator.
The Moon is situated (at 5Leo57'10") in Mercury's 3rd phase of communication, circa 8deg. from the Sun (at 28Can02'01").
Hitler prepares himself for broadcasting.

At 01:00h The broadcast (2c.7).
Moon (at 6Leo42'23"), Sun (at 28Can05'33").

13. dynamic square, hypothetic dialectic triangle, environment mental
Ascendant at the 1st deg. Cancer: 21 July 01:20h. We are one day and ± one degree further.
the Moon is situated (at 6Leo52'32") in the 2nd phase where Venus reigns, circa 8 1/2deg. distant from the Sun (at 28Can06'21"). In the period of 24 hours the Moon has moved from 24Can36'02" to 6Leo52'32" and advanced a bit more than 12 degrees.

The Earth turns and is in detail regulated by the universe; events or processes are determined in their interrelation with the development of functions concerned.

Adolf Hitler, the private soldier, took revenge on the generals and must have realized later that he had got himself, as plenipotentiary, in serious trouble. He commited suicide on 30-04-'45.

The subjects surrounding development in individuals of mentality, maturity, consistency, responsibility, education [physical: 4 basis, 8 confrontation, 12 co-ordination and mental: 10 standpoint, 2 stability, 6 sincerity] will come up for discussion in the last parts of the structure line and the themes lines.

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the birth chart of Adolf Hitler (open in new window?),
the birth chart of Klaus von Stauffenberg (open in new window?),
the original diagrams (inaccurate date and time) of the workings of two functions at the attack (open in new window?).


3b. Interaction with the environment and with (dis)integrating forces (a lifetime)

Now I will look at the rhythmical character of a cyclic process, the personal chronology, on the scale of a human lifetime. For this purpose we can, in principle, take every function as jumping-off point and follow the events in their individual rhythms. I start off with the analysis of the development of the ASCENDANT, the physical presence in an environment. In this way both the different methods of the phases as well as those of the other functions can be clarified when they get in contact with the environment in different ways via the Ascendant. In the case of this person the choice for the Ascendant means that at the same time also his Sun, the self-control function, Neptune the integrate function and the synthesize function Mercury (secundary) show themselves and, in keeping with the varying duration of the phases, shift sooner or later to a following field of work and express themselves again some time emphatically.
At the same time I have indicated the progress of Neptune in the tempo of the actuality and at the dates corresponding with the development of the process as a whole. The consequence of Neptune's slow progress and yearly period of retrograde movement is that its characteristic influence cannot be pinned down to an incidental event as that can be the case with the actual Ascendant, Sun or Mercury, but rather that a period of influences of 'clarity and vagueness' on a specific field of work is hinted at.


Click for the next phase in its development (13)


Link: concise analysis of the development and survey of the diagrams - the presence function and its relations (open in new window?)

3c. The evolution of emotional bonding, the fundament of humane nature

The following animation represents the evolution of the relatively fast forward moving Moon, the emotional basis function. We see how her contacts shift gradually, in order to end in a contact with Mercury, in this case representing his own hand.


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Link: concise analysis of the development and survey of the diagrams - the emotional (in)-stability function with her relations (open in new window?)
The last two of the series and analyses given above are based on data which are only available if we have a date on which the process ends. For Hitler that information is available, but neither the birth time nor the end time seem genuinely reliable. The relations and their proportions within the network of the first day of Hitler's life have been converted into the proportions of his complete lifetime; the scale of the cycle of this day has been used as a measure and applied to the scale of the cycle of his whole life.

Link to
the calculations for the series 3b and 3c (open in new window?).


Conscious use of duration and direction of time and of personal freedom

Use of time is not limited to being linearly directed at the future, to moving forward, just shuffling along behind the facts. Conscious development demands of a human being that he goes back in his history and takes the time (zigzagging?) to go through exeriences anew, to supply them with the present emotions and other insights, in short, to be able to rethink, to renew them and consciously give the development direction. Processes may in advance be defined, determined and directed at the given aims, but to reach the aims and to live by himself a conscious humane life, it is necessary to regularly dwell a while on former events and experiences.

The analyses of both the last series of diagrams of the process Adolf Hitler confront us with some important questions.
The first question is in how far freedom can still be a possibility for a process that does not have  a stable inner basis at its disposal. The precondition for freedom - as I described earlier in this series - is after all inner stability, a good fundament of the recognised own emotions (to be distinguished from sentiments and sentimentality: occasional feelings which are mainly determined by the effect they produce on the environment and can pretend or suggest or provoke emotions). Only upon such a basis can a private system of values, to which you can surrender yourself and that you can justify for yourself, be developed. Such a fundament is therefore not only necessary for developing, sooner or later, a personal system of values but also for a broader morality. Learning, as a pre-schooler, to handle limits and childish fears offers a firm footing for self reliance, bonding with and responsibility towards yourself and others [ note ] . Upon this then, and only then, can one really work at handling antitheses and at thinking about freedom and surrender. In case such a stable basis is not available morality can only be determined by the actual availability of resources in the environment.

The second question is straightforward: did Hitler have the choice to act differently?
Naturally there have been moments that he made a specific choice. That one cannot follow a choice can be because someone or something interferes; choosing and acting are as I observed earlier two distinct processes.
The information I found on the family in which he grew up comprises nothing that indicates that it could offer the emotional security that a child needs. That in itself says nothing. When I look at the information in his birth chart I establish the fact of a basis which from the start is dominated by fear and which remains instable till the end. (Choices and) parents cannot change much of that given fact. They answer the expectations of the child as they interpret them, supposing that they know what is going on (both parents and child see what they like to see or what they need to see).
Not every person has been given the means to learn how to handle one's own emotions and values, how to develop morality consciously and to avoid having to mask one's real intentions, having to hide behind others and to violate the depths of other people's heart; not everyone finds the right way to develop a strong emotional basis, a personal conscience, and can act respectfully and responsibly [ note ] . For that individual it can become very urgent to look in his environment for appropriate preys.

The third question is to what extent can or does society want to take responsibility for the individuality and the stability of its members, to what extent may and can people still be different (the basis of democracy). It seems important to distinguish between freedom and being able to make choices from being obliged to follow the law, respectively to manage the law at will in order to manipulate people for as much personal benefit as possible. Everywhere and all the time and without any respect for the individual's limits we see that in our present society the seduction- and demoralising techniques of demagoques like the hyper-sentimental Hitler and the sly Stalin are applied and further developed. The totalitarian language or Newspeak, the language of the dictatorial free market economy has been and is applied with the target of making the outlet store ideology of our STC-system (inclusive of a biennial series of free wellness therapies with self-certified guarantee) penetrate in the individual in order to exclude him from himself, from his own basis, the own essence, as Kertész and Marcuse explained. The legislator seems impotent or ignorant or both with regard to the capture of personal freedom by taking it away from others. The, in my opinion, most important question is whether mankind, at present, has a chance to resist the seductive, demoralising and parasitic techniques with which it is being flooded continuously, if it is not even allowed to learn how to acknowledge its own emotions and values and protest its moral limits. Looking back at the first fifteen years of the previous century the book 'The Vertigo Years; Change and Culture in the West 1900-1914'  [ note ] offers a clear and vivid picture of the situation before the Great War, of things new and fast, in which men and women in Western Europe were caught and which caused more and more trouble especially for the men. It gives a surprising insight into the general mental and emotional vulnerability at that time.

For me it is no question of whether insight into the psyche and the actions of AH, in its contexts and its historical backgrounds is of any use to us. The superior lust for freedom of the Age of Reason and of social trends, of Hitler and the likes of him and of the STC-system cannot take away the underlying fears and resentments, it can only lead to more and more exploitation and demoralisation and to further expansion of this corrupt ideology. The question is whether we are willing to dwell on indulging or undermining people's stability and levelling of democracy - want to turn the tide - or that we keep on looking away on purpose and let society continue to rot and be taken advantage of by this epidemic.
Let us stop running like blind men behind an enlightened unreal future.


Consistency in time, the connections of networks

With all this, not only the notions of time, direction, duration and development of processes, but also the cohesion of processes and their contexts - each interacting mutually from their own space-time - have become more clear, understandable and manageable for me. Witness the example that it is, by means of the structure of the process, also possible to gain better insight in the workings of human processes, among which the psychic. The process has shown some of its underlying potential.

Hereafter I want to try to get a somewhat wider view of some groups of relations between our properties. I expect to find some rather unusual aspects.