The phases: the 12 stages of the process
(e.g. starting from the Ascendant: the process of beginning and the approach of the environment)
(list of standard phrases for the twelve phases of the process)
  ** A phase in her 30 degrees always spans two (parts of) consecutive signs and an x-number of functions.
  Examples of the process and more about its structure can be found in ZZZine #3 and subsequent parts of the structure line, in the survey of the dimensions of the cosmological construction and in the description of the dynamic relations between phases.
1 Basis Present in an environment, making an opening. Initiation of senses, muscles and nerves, captivating energy, impulse, physical presence, trivial/ careless start with the task.
I take initiatives_, at the start I am_, am present as_, I put my energy in_.
2 Basis The (lack of) power to take one's own time. Refer to remembered experience, intention or need, knowledge and emotions, consistently pay attention to one's own values or the manual.
I refer to my frame of reference_, my inner need is_, I stick to_, I linger on_.
3 Basis Knowledge of supply and demand. Notice differences, changes and repetitions (cycles), relate, count, assess and think, use senses, rules and language, handle ambiguity, trade, transfer, communicate.
I make incidental contacts_, seek knowledge and acquaintances_, handle ambivalence_, distinguish between_, I map out my own route_, transfer_.
4 Basis Seek integrity of values and stability. The 'mother'ly role, take care of the inner space and the stability of the emotional basis, respond subjectively to the environment and follow one's own motives, feel safe and at ease - (without words).
I determine my inner space_,  assert myself at home_, seek safety and support_, I feel at home_, my undertaking_.
5 Individual Test one's own values to create a self-image. Show oneself and provoke reactions to get a good overview and gain self-control, create manners and roles, remain faithful to oneself.
I am at the centre of things_, I will (not)_, I test_if it suits me, in my innermost self_, I play_, create_, take risks_.
6 Individual (Mis)use of energy. Work at self-knowledge and self-criticism, develop and apply one's qualities, combine details into a product, simplify, decide what is serviceable and what is lacking.
This_does (not) work, I seek useful results_, want to produce_, help_, I synthesise_.
7 Individual Poise between give and take, await and observe, attract interaction, help, alternitives and involvement, play with sentiments and the 'female' role, handle social graces and game rules, harmonise, settle accounts, hesitate.
[1. the other]  I join hands_with, am mirrored_, imagine_, identify with_, seek supplement and help_, come to inner harmony_.
8 Individual The (lack of) power to choose between values. Overwhelmed by alternatives select only one experience, internally either reject or admit, ignore, concentrate, unfold, expose, digest, relish - (without words).
[2. the other halts at_ ] I confront_, take the valuable and reject the superfluous_, take a clear stand or alter my standpoint_, follow routines_, I relish_, benefit from_, digest_, _rankles me.
9 Social The pros and cons of expansion. Put experience in perspective, develop one's personal story, idealise (a non-committal goal), put one's energy at sbd.'s disposal, need to impress others/ prove oneself, explore and expand borders, express criticism, claim privileged rights, seek one's own advantage.
[3. the other's knowledge_ ] I believe in_, develop ideas and ideals_, set myself goals_, share one's skills with_, I teach others_, am enthusiastic_, found my loyalty/ credibility on_, extend/ defend my territory_, control my fear_.
10 Social Want of a personal function in equivalence. The 'father'ly role, objectively and unprejudiced structurise and shape subjective goals, their duration and limits, anticipate uncertainties and lay out strategies with discretion and inner consistency.
[4. the home of the other_ ] I set myself limits_, am socially involved_, am self-confident_, want to offer security_.
11 Social Diversity and renewal of group-values. Collectivity, leadership, social codes, levels, liberties, rules, fears and prejudice; adapt, prove or accept oneself, account for oneself, be content.
[5. the other's self-image_] I move amongst my friends_, trust and accept_, prove myself_, reconsider my principles_, get to know self-pity and superiority thinking_, use the mask that suits my role_, I become strained_.
12 Social Assimilation of support or opposition received. Digest experiences and feelings in the background, manage dependency, hardship or success, intuition, the un(sub)conscious, devotion, surrender - (without words).
[6. the work of the other_ ] I finish matters_, integrate_, come to solutions_, readjust my conditions_ I rest/ am restless_, can let go_.
  symbol Filters or colourings; the signs of the zodiac, indicators of zodiacal positions
The conditions or ways of expression of phases and functions.
The parts of the body indicated by the signs.
1 Teken01.gif or Tekens1.gif ARIES + the manner of making (environment) space: trivial, opening the senses, initiatory, practical, energetic, decisive, resolutely tackle the task;
shortest period of time***.
Physical relation: the head, the muscular system, the hypophysis.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 12.
2 Teken02.gif or Tekens2.gif TAURUS - the (inner) time claiming manner: greatness, taking its time, attentive, appreciative, persevering, sticking to its goal;
short period of time***.
Physical relation: the muscles and bones of the mouth, the teeth and the lower jaw, throat and neck, the thyroid gland.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 25.
3 Teken03.gif or Tekens3.gif GEMINI + the (environment) time using manner: comparing, relating, manipulating, communicating, changing, going one's way;
average period of time (2hours)***.
Physical relation: the sense-organs, the nervous system, muscles and bones of the upper part of breast and lungs, shoulders, arms and hands, bloodvessels and all other channels and connections, the thymus gland.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 38.
4 Teken04.gif or Tekens4.gif CANCER - the (inner) space making from one's mainsprings manner: is subjectively enterprising, seeking stability, security and constancy. Uses body language to express itself, non-verbal;
average period of time (2hours)***.
Physical relation: the stomach and other ventricles, the pancreas.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 2.
5 Teken05.gif or Tekens5.gif LEO + the (environment) space claiming manner: faithful to oneself, testing, courageous, challenging, showing off, leading, wanting to be in controll;
long period of time***.
Physical relation: the muscles and bones of the vertebral column, the heart.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 15.
6 Teken06.gif or Tekens6.gif VIRGO - the (inner) time adjusting manner: performing, industrious, serviceable, specific, critical, analytical, expedient, pure, self-knowledge;
longest period of time***.
Physical relation: the liver, small intestine.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 28.
7 Teken07.gif or Tekens7.gif LIBRA + the (environment) time making manner: evoking interaction and circumstances, inviting, awaiting, sensorial sensitivity, tactful, hesitating;
longest period of time***.
Physical relation: the kidneys, the skin (as touch organ), the mucous membranes, the adrenal glands.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 32.
8 Teken08.gif or Tekens8.gif SCORPIO - the (inner) space claiming manner: unmasking, extracting what's in it while rejecting what's redundant, overwhelm(d)ing, vulnerable, using routine, concentrating, singling out, relishing. Non-verbal;
long period of time***.
Physical relation: the sexual organs, nose, large intestine and anus, the bladder.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 5.
9 Teken09.gif or Tekens9.gif SAGITTARIUS + the (environment) space using manner: interpreting, putting in perspective, expanding, enthusiastic, idealizing, believing;
average period of time (2hours)***.
Physical relation: the muscles and bones of hips and thighs.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 18.
10 Teken10.gif or Tekens10.gif CAPRICORN - the (inner) time shaping manner: objectively and unprejudiced structuring the subjective goal, duration and limits, anticipating uncertainties and laying out a strategy, is discreet, seeks inner consistency and responsibility;
average period of time (2hours)***.
Physical relation: the skeleton, the skin (as protective organ).
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 22.
11 Teken11.gif or Tekens11.gif AQUARIUS + the (environment) time claiming manner: equivalent and diverse, social, friendly, group loyalty, adapting and accepting, renewing;
short period of time***.
Physical relation: the muscles and bones of the lower leg and ankles.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 35.
12 Teken12.gif or Tekens12.gif PISCES - the (inner) space adjusting manner, vague, in the background, (dis)solving, integrating, finding order in chaos of experiences, unleashing, available, waiting until needed. Non-verbal;
shortest period of time***.
Physical relation: the muscles and bones of the feet.
Its application as a pattern of beginning in ZZZ 8.


The period of time is the time needed by the sign to pass the Ascendant and is connected with the place on the earth where - in the northern hemisphere - the process takes place. In consequence the duration in the southern hemisphere is opposed to the one given.
symbol Points in the chart: Principles of co-ordination;
functions: begin and objective of its own process.
The phase in which it is located indicates the circumstances in which the capacity can be put to optimal use, the sign in which the function is located indicates the way in which the capacity can be optimally developed, the aspects show how the functions interfere together and collaborate, respectively in which combination they can be applied to their optimum.
  The potential capacities or incentives of the tool
(retrograde direction: inward directed, with depth)
The bodily processes related with the functions.
Plan01.gif the SUN: the self-esteem function; symbol of creative play, claiming space, identify oneself, being central in the environment, that which one wants to realize most essentially, things one needs an overview of and wants to be in charge of.
Physiological: posture and personal charisma, the heart function and blood circulation, the thymus function and immune system.
Related with LEO and the 5th phase.
Plan02.gif the MOON: the attach function; symbol of one's own mainsprings, the motherly pole of the axis of inner stability, the capacity to be subjective, to keep the peace in the inner space, the dwelling of care and connectedness. Non-verbal.
Physiological: the coordination of the functions of the body, the hormonal system, digestive system, water-balance and lymphatic system.
Related with CANCER and the 4th phase.
 = MERCURY: the exchange- and evaluate function; symbol of thinking and talking, of communicating and factual knowledge.
Physiological: the transfer of sensorial impressions and nerve signals, the transportation of hormones, liguids, oxygen, etc., the agility of joints, the functions of the liver and the small intestine.


- preceding the SUN, primary: single out relations / strike out a course, exchanging.
Related with GEMINI and the 3rd phase,
- following the SUN, secondary: evaluation of (in)ability / enter into detail, more interested in personal insight.
Related with VIRGO and the 6th phase.
 = VENUS: the precaution- or observe function; symbol of the feminine role, giving attention and meaning, inviting interaction, sensorial awareness, social feelings; female friends, the cashier: give and take.
Physiological: the function of the kidney (maintaining homeostasis and balance of blood composition), softness and sensuality of the skin, veneus blood circulation, female hormones of reproduction.


- preceding the SUN, primary: observing initiatives, accept at face value, weigh, hesitating.
Related with LIBRA and the 7th phase.
- following the SUN, secondary: taking time for planning / referring to significance.
Related with TAURUS and the 2nd phase.
Plan05.gif MARS: the activate- and initiate function; symbol of the masculine role, making an opening without significance, of being energetic, decisive and resolute, the ability to direct the senses and physical powers practically; male friends.
Physiological: the function of red blood cells, adrenaline, the male hormones of reproduction, physical strength.
Related with ARIES and the 1st phase.
Plan06.gif JUPITER: the development function; symbol of acquirement / unrestrained, of uncommitted idealism, enthusiasm, credibility, growth and youth, recovery and resilience.
Physiological: the function of the liver, the arterial bloodstream, the suppleness and healing power of the body.
Related with SAGITTARIUS and the 9th phase.
Plan07.gif SATURN: the consistency function; symbol of inner time and the psyche, the fatherly pole of the axis of inner stability, the ability to objectively and unprejudiced structure and realise the subjective motherly pole; to anticipate uncertainties and lay out strategies are conditions for being consistently one's own authority and a responsible individual.
Physiological: the function of duration, purpose and demolition, the relation between function and shape of the body.
Connected with CAPRICORN and the 10th phase.
Plan08.gif URANUS: the renew function; symbol of tension, influence and breaking limits, widening of perspective, of inventivity and surprise, of insight and acceptance. The varying common social views of generations.
Physiological: the hypothalamus function, the translation of information e.g. of nerve impulses into hormones.
Related with AQUARIUS and the 11th phase.
Plan09.gif NEPTUNE: the integrate function; symbol of active absence / passive presence, of assimilation, locking up and unleashing, the ability to handle clarity and to conceal, to use intuition, to experience wholeness and unity. Non-verbal.
The social integration of a generation.
Physiological: the function of fluids within the body.
Related with PISCES and the 12th phase.
Plan10.gif PLUTO: the challenge function; symbol of transformation and unmasking, the ability to handle cold reality or power(lessness), to deny or to reject and thereby to choose, to use routine. Non-verbal.
The cultural and social balance of power in one to three generations.
Physiological: the function of the large intestine, of sexuality.
Related with SCORPIO and the 8th phase.
Ascendant The Ascendant (= rising) or eastern horizon, the zodiacal point rising at a given degree of latitude (in combination with the Midheaven, which indicates the rotation of the earth: the environment's time), indicating the inner spacetime.
The presence function; symbol of the start of the process and the performance of a task, the approach to life, the mask (persona), trivial contact with the environment, the first focus of attention.
Physiological: the body itself and, together with other functions in direct connection, its physical features.
More information in ZZZ 9 and illustrations in ZZZ 13.
MC The Medium Coeli (= Midheaven) the direction of the south. In combination with the SUN, which shows the date, it is the indicator of the environment's time.
The function of orientation in actuality, attitude and the manner of moving, the capability to set out one's own line and to follow it.
Physiological: strength and suppleness of the spine.
More information in ZZZ 9 and illustrations in ZZZ 13.
The following elements are combinations of functions and not manageable as is the case with the proper functions. They offer information as learning points.
Plan11.gif Northern Node, crossing of the orbits of Sun and Moon: the field and the way in which help or feedback is received and managed.
Plan12.gif Pars Fortune, combination of the positions of Sun and Moon relative to the Ascendant: it is considered to be 'the learning point'.
distance Aspects or angles
+/- 6
significant dynamic relations between functions, signs and phases:
0 conjunction: both tools together form a unity, they are experienced as a unity;
when the faster one is approaching: the experience with the slower function is old and thus well-known, tired; when the faster one is departing: the experience with the slower tool is fresh, the faster one is supported in as far as their characters match.
30 semi-sextile: the relation between the functions connects two differently natured colourings and phases, differently directed, using different forms of activity. She rests on the inherent difference between consecutive phases. The co-operation is sought after and recognized or is confident and anticipated.
60 sextile: the tools are located in two similarly natured colourings and phases which are similarly directed at inner or environment, but use different forms of activity: both pfysical and mental The collaboration is understanding and developing.
90 square: the ax-relations between the functions connects two differently natured colourings and phases, in transverse direction, but using comparable forms of activity: they are hypo-, anti- or synthetic. The collaboration is very energetic, sometimes outright combative or renewing.
NB the square consists in three forms: hypothetic, antithetic and synthetic; the "inner axis" and the "environmental axis" with their physical and mental poles are in a diagonal position.
120 triangle: the tools are located in like-natured colourings and phases which use the same direction, but different forms of activity. The co-operation is replenishing, self-evident, sometimes she is weak or even self-indulgent and lazy, but in essence developing.
NB the triangle covers one of four domains: fysieke eigenheid, mentale eigenheid, fysieke omgeving, mentale omgeving.
150 inconjunct or quincunx: the relation between the functions connects two differently natured colourings and phases, differently directed, using different forms of activity. The co-operation is individual, requires prolonged exertion, insists on examination and analysis.
180 opposition: both tools are located in two differently natured colourings and phases which use the same direction and comparable forms of activity.
They are initially experienced as in maximum contrast but they complement each other and that demands a serious endeavour to harmonious collaboration.
none unconnected, isolated function: difficult to recognize, hard to control. The tool expresses itself in an extreme manner or is unpredictable because the manageability depends on one or more actual relations with the outer context. If the process comprises a longer period the situation around that function can change.
The relations of development: dynamical squares and dialectical triangles
1 environment Teken01.gif Plan05.gif
supposition (hypothesis) of the outer world
Plan04l.gif Teken07.gif 7 environments
activation senses
presence start with
agreed task
physical triangle:
dynamic square:
begin - trivial - open
mental triangle:
supplement adaptation
reflection soc.interaction
sentiments eros wavering
4 individual Teken04.gif Plan02.gif
supposition (hypothesis) in the own inner world
dynamic axis of MY VALUES, THE INNER BASES
Plan07.gif Teken10.gif 10 individual
emotionability subject
emotion experience
stability undertake
physical triangle:
my bonding
dynamic square:
dependent - footing
mental triangle:
my structure
consistent conscious
limitation order
detachment perfection
5 environment Teken05.gif Plan01.gif
contrast (antithesis) of the outer world
Plan08.gif Teken11.gif 11 environments
self-reliance will-power
stage play pride identity
loyalty ego-
physical triangle:
dynamic square:
standpoint - attraction  
mental triangle:
aggregate law politics
tolerance group limits
equivalence public
2 individual Teken02.gif Plan04.gif
contrast (antithesis) in the own inner world
dynamic axis of MY NEEDS / MY RESISTANCE
Plan10.gif Teken08.gif 8 individual
reference remember
motive esteem sensory
impressions persevere
mental triangle:
my attention
dynamic square:
discussion - criticism
physical triangle:
my resistance
concentrate selective
resolute inventive intense
black/white routine compel
3 environmentsTeken03.gif Plan03.gif
summary (synthesis) of the outer world
Plan06.gif Teken09.gif 9 environments
grip on context signs
difference relate manifold
trade go one's way
mental triangle:
dynamic square:
information - prospects
physical triangle:
reference frames
expansion putting in
perspective enthusiasm
belief ideal legislation
6 individual Teken06.gif Plan03a.gif
summary (synthesis) in the own inner world
Plan09.gif Teken12.gif 12 individual
analytic capacity
once-only active detail
shortage dysfunction
mental triangle:
my interest
dynamic square:
analysis - conclusion
physical triangle:
my satisfaction
compromise purpose
unconscious dream mystery
store release absent
dialectic readjustment 12-6-2011, dynamic readjustment 27-1-2016.

Link to
the dynamics and dialectics - confrontation and development in structure,
the basic elements and their relations - the structure.



All potentialities of a process collaborate in an individual manner. That means that a capacity can seem to be absent in a certain context and, in other situations, express itself more clearly.

Our world is subject to transformation, she develops continually. In the interpretation of the concepts and symbols with which we want to describe her we shall have to take into account the general tendency of the specific context.
This interpretation is based on the cultural and social structure or 'zeitgeist' in the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century in Western Europe. Rini Sips.